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---Home of the Award-Winning Oreo Beignet---

What People are Saying About Us

“The Oreo Beignets, served at Luca Eats in New Orleans….The recipe is simple, but my God, the results!”

“Being a cafe/coffee shop, the fine folks at Luca Eats finished our tasting off with a delicious and decadent combination that would be the star of any coffee-house in the country. Cortello and crew hit us with a frappuccino and fresh beignets featuring Oreos as the primary ingredient. WOW!”

“Luca Eats, a new breakfast and lunch nook in a sleepy stretch near South Carrollton Avenue, provides a welcome addition: pressed breakfast sandwiches on French bread or ciabatta.”

“Buried deep within an Uptown neighborhood not far from Tulane,¬†Luca Eats¬†specializes in pressed sandwiches.”

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“Luca Eats also marks the next chapter for one branch of a longtime local restaurant family, who for many years ran Frankie & Jonny’s.”

“Sure, fresh-pressed sandwiches and colorful salads are up for grabs at this popular, industrial-chic breakfast-and-lunch cafe in Uptown, but ask anyone what they’re really coming here for and they’ll tell you the Oreo beignets.”

Highlighted as the highest-ranked innovative spin-off of the beignet.